Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get paid?2019-07-09T22:30:10+00:00
You will receive a payout cheque each time an expectant parent uses your discount code. Register your Ambassador Code on give.healthcord.com to update your mailing address.
Can I pass out my Ambassador Code without the gift card?2019-07-09T22:31:14+00:00
Yes. Your gift cards contain your Ambassador Code. This means expectant parents you are in contact with only need the code to receive the discount on cord blood and/or cord tissue banking.
Can I start using my gift cards right away?2019-07-09T22:31:53+00:00
Yes. All you need to do is start passing out gift cards to start earning money. You will need to login if order to view live updates for our account balance, review transactions, and order more gift cards.
Can I give my Ambassador Code to others to pass out?2019-07-10T17:15:11+00:00

Yes, but you will be the one receiving cash back. If you want them to become an ambassador they will need their own code. Email us at ambassador@healthcord.com if you need to set up another ambassador.

Can I use my own Ambassador Code to bank cord blood?2019-07-09T22:35:13+00:00
Yes. You can use your Ambassador Code to register for cord blood and cord tissue banking for yourself. You will still receive your $100 payout cheque.
Can I register an expectant parent using my Ambassador Code and have the kit shipped to my office?2019-07-09T22:36:39+00:00
Yes. You can register parents and have the collection kit shipped to your business. You will still receive your $100 payout cheque for each purchase.
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